Risotto has always scared me, with the fear of ending up with a stodgy mess and arm ache from constant stirring deterring me from cooking it very often. This risotto by Madeleine Shaw, however, is surprisingly easy as well as both healthy and incredibly tasty. Indulgent and filling, it’s proof that you don’t need meat for a satisfying meal. The recipe states it serves two but I am always left with extra so I think you could easily stretch it to three. I’ve detailed the…Continue Reading “Buckwheat, asparagus and pea risotto”

Sweet potato, feta and pine nut salad

This salad is the perfect side dish for a summer BBQ or a tasty lunch option that offers both nutritional benefits and comfort food enjoyment. It’s best if you BBQ the sweet potato, but simply putting it under the grill also works.I haven’t put the measurements on the ingredients other than dressing as it can be adjusted depending on personal preference or the number of servings you’re making. The dressing makes enough for about four servings, and it can be kept in the fridge for…Continue Reading “Sweet potato, feta and pine nut salad”

The best-ever brownies

Published in The Usborne First Cookbook, I first discovered this recipe when I was about nine, and I haven’t looked back since. They’re incredibly easy to make and are by far the best brownies ever – I once had a full-on argument with my boyfriend because he’deaten the last one. Never come between a woman and her homemade brownies…Essential info:Oven: 180°/350°F/Gas mark 4Tin: Shallow oblong 18x28cm (7×11 inches)Ingredients:110g (4oz) butter110g (4oz) plain chocolate225g (8oz) caster sugar2 beaten eggs110g (4oz) plain flour½ tsp baking powder110g (4oz)…Continue Reading “The best-ever brownies”

Cacao and tahini bliss balls

If snacking was considered a legitimate hobby, it would definitely be listed under my ‘personal interests’ section. For me, those cheeky 11am and 4pm food breaks are an essential part of my working day and, considering I work from home and my desk is inches from the fridge, I find it hard restricting it to just a couple of times a day.Therefore, it’s essential that I keep a stash of healthy, preferably homemade, snacks at easy reach, and these cacao and tahini bliss balls by…Continue Reading “Cacao and tahini bliss balls”