Wadi Rum Jordan

With expensive flights, attractions and alcohol, visiting Jordan doesn’t come cheap, but it can be done on a reasonable budget. In 2018, Ryanair launched flights to Amman from some European destinations, meaning that reaching the country has at least become more affordable. Purchasing the Jordan Pass saves money on the visa and major attractions while haggling can reduce the price on smaller excursions. This guide details the cost of accommodation, travel, food, drink and sightseeing in Jordan, enabling you to figure out how much spending…Continue Reading “Spending money for ten days in Jordan”

Spending money Budapest

Budget for your trip to Budapest with this guide to how much spending money is needed for four days in the city. The sightseeing, travel and drink prices listed are per person while the lunch and dinner costs are for two people. The final figure is calculated based on the attractions listed and for those who predominantly drink beer and wine as opposed to spirits. For tips on the best attractions, restaurants and bars in Budapest, take a look at this Budapest travel guide. Spending…Continue Reading “Spending money for four days in Budapest”

Seville spending money

  Find out how much spending money you’ll need for three days in Seville with this breakdown of food, drink, travel, sightseeing and accommodation costs.  I have provided individual prices for attractions as well as a guide to the unit price of food and drink, but the final spending money figure is based on two travellers splitting the cost of accommodation and airport transfers. Spending money for three days in Seville Accommodation: A superior double room at Hotel Casa de Colon: €421 for four nights…Continue Reading “Spending money for three days in Seville, Spain”

Bali Padang Padang Beach

  Find out how much spending money you’ll need for two weeks on Bali with this breakdown of accommodation, sightseeing, food, drink and travel costs. I have provided the costs per person but things like accommodation and taxis are based on two people travelling together with the total price and the price per person listed. Some small costs such as souvenirs and snacks are missing and a couple of the section totals are estimates, but the final figure is the exact amount that we spent…Continue Reading “Spending money for two weeks on Bali”

Spending money in Rome. Roman Forum.

Filled to the brim with historic attractions, traditional trattorias and trendy bars, there’s a lot to occupy your time in Rome. However, it can be hard to know how much spending money you’ll need to accommodate all that pizza, gelato and sightseeing. Therefore, as part of my travel spending money series, I have detailed exactly how much I spent and what I spent it on. Of course, everyone’s itineraries and appetites will differ (I skipped Vatican City so that is not included in my budgeting) but…Continue Reading “How much spending money for three days in Rome?”