Another Madeleine Shaw recipe, these chocolate hazelnut snacks are super easy and make a great healthy-ish snack. I’ve doubled the recipe because the first time I made them I found that the batch was not big enough to make it work the effort. With a combination of both dates and maple syrup, they are also incredibly sweet, so play around with the amount of maple syrup to sort your taste buds. Additionally, I’ve reduced the amount of chocolate as you don’t need much to just…Continue Reading “Chocolate and hazelnut bars”

The other week I was tasked with baking some dairy-free birthday cupcakes. I immediately panicked – a cake without butter or lashings of buttercream, how will that be worthy of a birthday cake?! Fortunately, I remembered my success with Madeleine Shaw’s beetroot cupcakes, which are topped with creamy whipped coconut cream. Adapting the recipe to use coconut oil instead of butter, I was left with a satisfyingly indulgent, dairy-free cake that’s perfect for birthdays, celebrations or simply a mid-afternoon treat. Ingredients: The cupcakes: 250g buckwheat…Continue Reading “Beetroot cupcakes with whipped coconut cream”

Paired with a hot cup of coffee, this easy banana bread is the perfect sweet treat and it gets better with age, meaning you don’t have to gobble it all down straight away. You don’t have to but no one is stopping you…It’s based on Madeleine Shaw’s banana loaf, but I’ve played with the ingredients slightly, switching coconut sugar for brown sugar, swapping a vanilla pod for vanilla extract, and adding walnuts and extra sugar to make a delicious crust. For the crust, I suggest…Continue Reading “Banana and walnut bread”

This salad is inspired by one that I had at a beach club in Mallorca, which was so beautiful and delicious it seemed to inflict food envy on the people feasting on nachos and chicken goujons next to me. It’s always hard to recreate something you had on holiday as no doubt the sun, sea and sangria enhanced the taste of that salad! However, I think my attempt is a very tasty recreation, all be it a little more rustic and slightly less pretty.It’s also…Continue Reading “Leftover chicken pesto salad”

Risotto has always scared me, with the fear of ending up with a stodgy mess and arm ache from constant stirring deterring me from cooking it very often. This risotto by Madeleine Shaw, however, is surprisingly easy as well as both healthy and incredibly tasty. Indulgent and filling, it’s proof that you don’t need meat for a satisfying meal. The recipe states it serves two but I am always left with extra so I think you could easily stretch it to three. I’ve detailed the…Continue Reading “Buckwheat, asparagus and pea risotto”