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Vintgar Gorge, Slovenia

With dazzling blue waters, vivid green trees and towering rock faces, Vintgar Gorge has a magical fairy tale quality that’s sure to leave a lasting impression. My visit to the gorge was one of the highlights of my trip to Slovenia, and I strongly encourage anyone visiting Bled to make the time to see it because it’s one of the best Lake Bled attractions and just a twelve-minute drive away.

First discovered in 1891, the gorge was originally impassable but, owing to the tourist development of Bled, it was soon developed into a tasteful tourist attraction. A 1600m wooden walkway leads visitors through the gorge, tightly hugging and crossing the Radovna River to showcase its spectacular rapids, waterfalls and pools, culminating with the 13m tall Sum Waterfall.

To enjoy the walk at its best, you must arrive promptly at 8am to be the first through the gates. Do this and you’ll be rewarded with the enjoyment of having the gorge pretty much to yourself; we only met a handful of other visitors along the way and were able to take in some of the gorge’s prettiest spots without anyone else in sight. By 9am, however, three coaches full of tourists and several other cars had shown up. Personally, I feel that the first half of the walk is by far the prettiest so, if you’re lucky enough to get it all to yourself, don’t do what we did and rush through expecting the conclusion to be even more magnificent.

The gorge is open from April to November and costs €5 to visit. Free parking is available at the entrance. 

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