Hike from Little Petra to the Monastery

Officially named Siq Al Barid, Little Petra is a former Nabatean settlement located a ten-minute drive north of Petra. Its canyons walls and carved facades explain its colloquial name, and the site itself is worth seeing for a peaceful alternative to the much better known sister site. However, one of the best reasons for visiting is for the hike from Little Petra to the Monastery. An adventure in itself, the hike is a fun way to spend a couple of hours and it also provides…Continue Reading “Hike from Little Petra to the Monastery: The Petra back route”

Petra travel guide Treasury view from above

The most popular attraction in Jordan, Petra is a magical sight that fully deserves its status as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Formerly the beating heart of the Nabataean empire, the Rose City – so called for the marvellous colour of the sandstone in which it is carved – was once a flourishing city home to around 20,000 inhabitants. However, once new trade routes were discovered, people soon left and the city was left abandoned, remaining hidden to the Western world…Continue Reading “Petra travel guide: Everything you need to know”

Wadi Rum Jordan

Sometimes perceived as a dangerous, unfamiliar country, Jordan is very misunderstood and shamefully underappreciated. The country is in fact a very safe, welcoming destination with a myriad of magnificent sights to explore. Where else can you find world-class snorkelling, a striking red desert, a 17km canyon filled with waterfalls, and one of the Seven New Wonders of the World all within a four-hour drive of one another? Tourist numbers have finally started to creep back up in the past two years and the launch of…Continue Reading “A 10 day Jordan itinerary”