Spending money for three days in Seville, Spain

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Seville spending money


Find out how much spending money you’ll need for three days in Seville with this breakdown of food, drink, travel, sightseeing and accommodation costs.  I have provided individual prices for attractions as well as a guide to the unit price of food and drink, but the final spending money figure is based on two travellers splitting the cost of accommodation and airport transfers.

Seville spending money

Seville spending money

Spending money for three days in Seville


A superior double room at Hotel Casa de Colon: €421 for four nights


  • Hotel transfer from the airport: €35
  • Uber to the airport: €15


  • Palace of the Countess of Lebrija: €6
  • Cathedral: €9
  • Alcázar of Seville: €10
  • Casa de Pilatos: €10 for the ground floor, €12.50 for the entire palace
  • Palacio de las Dueñas: €10
  • Plaza de Espana: Free


  • Tapas dishes in a traditional restaurant: €1.50-€3
  • Tapas dishes in a contemporary restaurant: €3-€10
  • Dinner at Ovejas Negras: €39 for four tapas dishes, one small beer, two large beers, one glass of wine and one water
  • Lunch at Las Moradas: €33.50 for one cheese plate, one meat plate, one oxtail dish and two beers
  • Dinner at La Azotea: €69.60 for four tapas dishes, one large plate, three beers, one glass of wine and water
  • Lunch at Bar Casa Placido: €20.75 for four tapas dishes, three large beers and one small beer
  • Breakfast at Gusto: €15 for one cooked English breakfast and one American breakfast (pancakes with fruit and yoghurt)


  • A glass of wine: €2.5-€3.50
  • Small beer: €1.25-€1.50
  • Large beer: €2.50-€3
  • Bottle of beer: €4 (on a rooftop bar overlooking the Cathedral)
  • Coffee: €2.50
  • Water: €1.20-€1.50

Spending money for three days in Seville including accommodation: €460 per person

Spending money for three days in Seville excluding accommodation: €250 per person

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