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Spending money for Budapest

Budget for your trip to Hungary with this guide to how much spending money for Budapest is needed when staying for four days in the city. The sightseeing, travel and drink prices listed are per person while the lunch and dinner costs are for two people. The final figure is calculated based on the attractions listed and for those who predominantly drink beer and wine as opposed to spirits.

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Spending money Budapest

Spending money for Budapest:


Bus to/from the airport: 900 HUF/£2.50 each way


Fisherman’s Bastion: Free

Gellert Hill Cave Church: 600 HUF / £1.66

Gellert Spa: 5,800 HUF / £16 with locker, 6,200 HUF / £17.20 with cabin

St Stephen’s Basilica: Free

St Stephen’s Basilica Dome Tower: 600 HUF / £1.66

Castle Hill: Free


Three course lunch with one beer and two glasses of wine at Stand25 Bistro: 21,835 HUF / £60

Dinner at Menza with two large beers, two small beers and one glass of wine: 12,661 HUF / £35

Two burritos and two beers at the Burger Market: 5,680 HUF / £15

Lunch at Rustico Etterem with two beers: 11,780 HUF / £32

Two burgers and fries at Karavan street food: 5,010 HUF / £14

Two pad Thai at Karavan street food: 4,400 HUF / £12

Lunch at Vintage Garden with one large beer and two small beers: 9,500 HUF / £26

Dinner at Getto Gulyas with a bottle of wine: 15,390 HUF / £43

Lunch at Mazel Tov with one large beer and two small beers: 8,000 HUF / £22


Large draught beer at Kisuzem: 490 HUF / £1.40

Small draught beer at Kisuzem: 300 HUF / 80p

A glass of wine at Kisuzem: 290-550 HUF / 80p-£1.50

Large pilsner at Anker’t: 900 HUF / £2.50

Small pilsner at Anker’t 600 HUF / £1.70

Can of beer from the supermarket: 269 HUF / 75p

Bottle of wine from the supermarket: 1,249 HUF / £3.50

Bottle of prosecco from the supermarket: 3,000 HUF / £8

Bottle of prosecco in a bar: 4,000 HUF / £11

Large draught beer at Yellow Zebra: 550-950 HUF / £1.50-£2.60

Small draught beer at Yellow Zebra: 400-600 HUF / £1.10-£1.70

Gin & Tonic at Yellow Zebra: 1,100 HUF / £3

Aperol Spritz at Yellow Zebra: 1,250 / £3.50

Spending money for four days in Budapest: 90,000 HUF / £250 per person

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