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Cost of living in Brno, Czech Republic

Renowned for its cheap beer and affordable living costs, it’s no secret that the Czech Republic is a budget-friendly destination with even its capital city, Prague, boasting pleasingly low prices. So it comes as no surprise that Brno – the country’s second-largest city – is an extremely affordable destination. A traditional meal out can cost as little as €7 while a large beer will set you back no more than €2.30. If you’re planning a holiday in the city or hoping to stay for an extended period, read on to discover how much spending money you’ll need with this guide to the cost of living in Brno.

Cost of living in Brno contents:


Budget studio apartments can be found on Airbnb for as little as £500/€560 per month while for a more luxurious apartment with high-spec amenities and plenty of space you can expect to pay between £900/€1000 and £1,500/€1,680 per month. While the higher end of this scale sounds quite expensive for the Czech Republic, it’s for luxury apartments with amenities such as private saunas, laundry rooms and beautiful views. See here for a recommended option

Eating out

Meals out in Brno are incredibly affordable with traditional dishes such as svíčková widely available for around €7 and a meal for two including beer often costing less than €20. 

Exact costs:

Dinner at Burger Inn (two burgers with fries, one beer and one water): CZK 489/€18.30

Lunch at Go Vietnamese (one beef fried noodles, one beef fried rice, two small waters, two Vietnamese coffee): CZK 498/€18.60

Dinner at the Pegas Hotel (one svíčková, one duck leg and braised cabbage, two beers): CZK 584/€22

Dinner at Stopkova Plzeňská Pivnice (two svíčková and four beers): CZK 639/€24

Dinner at Pivnice U Čápa (one svíčková, one portion of ribs with chips and four beers): CZK 507/€19

Drinking out

The Czech Republic is synonymous with cheap beer and all establishments in Brno – including the high-end cocktail bars – serve beer for less than €2. You can expect to pay between CZK 36 and CZK 52 for a large beer, around CZK 85/€3 for a gin and tonic, and CZK 160/€6 for a cocktail. 

Exact costs:

Beer at Desert Bar: CZK 36/€1.30 for a large

Beer at Provázek Bar: CZK 23-38/€0.86-€1.40 for a small, CZK 35-44/€1.30-€1.65 for a large

Gin and tonic at Provázek Bar: CZK 85/€3.20

Beer at The Bar That Doesn’t Exist: CZK 48/€1.80 for a large

Cocktails in The Bar That Doesn’t Exist: CZK 160/€6

Beer at U Mamlasů: CZK 47/€1.76 for a large, CZK34/€1.27 for a small

Beer at Zelená Kočka Pivárium: CZK 60/€2.25 for a large

Beer at Výčep Na Stojáka: CZK 52/€1.95 for a large, CZK 36/€1.35 for a small

Beer at The Erin’s Flag: CZK 52/€1.95 for a large

Beer at Lokál U Caipla: CZK 52/€1.95 for a large

Coffee at SKØG Urban Hub: CZK 60/€2.25


When shopping predominantly in budget stores such as Lidl with the occasional visit to local supermarket Albert Vam Dekuje, a weekly food shop for two people costs, on average, between £50/€55 and £60/€70. If you also need to stock up on essentials such as cooking oil, herbs, spices and toiletries, it will increase to around £75/€85.


Like everything in Brno, transport is exceptionally affordable with a tram journey across town costing as little as CZK 20/€0.75. Trains and buses further afield, meanwhile, are also reasonably priced with international buses costing less than €20. 

Exact costs:

Trams and buses: CZK 20/€0.75 for a 15-minute ticket across two zones. CZK 25/€0.95 for a 60-minute ticket across two zones. The cheaper option is perfectly suitable for travelling from the outskirts of the city centre (for example the Airbnb linked above) to the other side of the old town. The ticket also allows you to switch between trams and buses on the journey.

FlixBus to Krakow: £14.50/€16

Train to Prague: £7.90/€8.90


The majority of Brno’s major attractions cost around the €5 mark with only Spilberk Castle costing more than €10. However, this only applies if you purchase a ticket to all of the attractions within the castle (the casemates, lookout tower, bastion and exhibitions) rather than buying one or two individual tickets or simply wandering around the grounds for free. 

Exact costs:

10-Z Bunker: CZK 150/€5.60 for one adult

Spilberk Castle: CZK 320/€12 for all the attractions. Individual attractions range from CZK 50/€1.90 to CZK 130/€4.90

Old Town Hall tower: CZK 70/€2.60 for one adult

Brno Ossuary: CZK 140/€5.20 for one adult

Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul: Free

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