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The total cost of a long weekend in Warsaw

As part of my spending money series, I have broken down what the food, drink and attraction prices in Warsaw are and how much a three-day weekend in the Polish capital costs. Budgeting is one of the most important parts of holiday planning, but it can be hard to gauge how much spending money you’ll need simply by reading the average cost of local items. Therefore, I have detailed exactly how much money we spent and what we spent it on during our three days in Warsaw, allowing you to accurately estimate what you will spend when visiting. Please note, the British Pound and Euro figures in the spending money section are according to exchange rates on the date this post was published. Additionally, if you are heading to Warsaw, be sure to check out my weekend guide to the city.

Flights: £52 per person

Return flight from London Luton, flying with Wizz Air.

Accommodation: £280 for four nights, booked through Airbnb

Julia’s Apartments – Warsaw Old Town, Rycerska.

Spending money: £200 per person (including money exchange fees)

Taxi from Warsaw Chopin Airport to Old Town. 47 PLN (£9.58/€10.90)


Restaurant Romantyczna, Market Square Old Town. 92 PLN (£18.75/€21.33) for two portions of pancakes, one tea and one coffee. This was our most expensive breakfast by far because we were right in the tourist epicentre but it was also the nicest and, despite being touristy, a lovely location for breakfast in the sun.

Skamiejka, Praga. 65 PLN (£13.25/€15.07) for one portion of pork dumplings, one beef stroganoff with potato pancakes, one large pilsner and one large lager.

Pry Zamku, Old Town. 291 PLN (£59.32/€67.46) for one saddle of venison, one lamb shank and a half bottle of Malbec. Like breakfast, this was our most expensive meal due to it being in Old Town and our selection of the pricier dishes.

W Oparach Absurdu, Praga. 17 PLN (£3.47/€3.94) for one large beer and one small beer
Same Krafty, Old Town. 20 PLN (£4.08/€4.64) for one large beer and one small beer.
Bar and Books, Old Town. 103 PLN (£21/€23.88) for a double shot of whisky, one glass of red wine and some tap water – they charged us 8 PLN for the tap water!

Uber from Soho Factory to Old Town. 21 PLN (£4.28/€4.87)


Charlotte, Aleja Wyzwolenia. 25.50 PLN (£5.20/€5.91) for two coffees, one croissant and one pain au chocolat.

Ale Wino, Mokotowska. 161 PLN (£32.82/€37.32) for fresh bread with olives and oil, a cheese platter, a meat platter, duck rillettes, one glass of Hungarian sparkling wine and one bottle of IPA.

Hala Koszyki. 87 PLN (£17.73/€20.16) for one Thai red curry, one Pad Thai and two Chang beers.

PiwPaw. 48 PLN (£9.78/€11.12) for two large beers and two small beers.
Zurawina. 30 PLN (£6.11/€6.95) for two bottles of Pilsner Urquell.
Jabeerwocky. 17 PLN (£3.46/€3.94) for one large beer and one small beer.

Uber from Ale Wino to Old Town. 13 PLN (£2.65/€3.01)
Uber from Jabeerwocky to Old Town. 10 PLN (£2.04/€2.32)


Costa, Old Town. 37 PLN (£7.54/€8.58) for two coffees and two croissants. We begrudged eating at Costa but we had limited options due to it being early on a Sunday morning, and the views of Old Town meant it wasn’t so bad.

Hala Koszyki. 87 PLN (£17.73/€20.16) for one Thai red curry, one Pad Thai and two Chang beers.

Restaurant Zapiecek, Old Town. 155 PLN (£31.59/€35.93) for one steak, one braised beef rib and two glasses of Pinot Noir.

Hala Koszyki. 25 PLN (£5.10/€5.80) for one large beer and one small beer from the craft beer bar.
Bazyliszek Café. 48 PLN (£9.78/€11.13) for two steins of beer and one small beer.

Uber from Old Town to the Warsaw Uprising Museum. 11.5 PLN (£2.31/€2.67)
Local taxi from the Uprising Museum to Hala Koszyki 38 PLN (£7.74/€8.81). Other than the airport taxis, this was the only time we used a regular taxi vs Uber and it was a lot more expensive.
Uber from the Palace of Culture and Science to Old Town. 10 PLN (£2.04/€2.32)

Warsaw Uprising Museum. Free entry. 20 PLN (£4.08/€4.64 for two audio guides.
Palace of Science and Culture. 40 PLN (£8.16/€9.27) for two tickets to the viewing platform.
Old Town Viewing Platform. 12 PLN (£2.45/€2.78) for two tickets.


Shabby Chic Coffee and Wine Bar. 50 PLN (£10.19/€11.58) for two x croissant breakfasts (two croissants and jam) and two coffees.

Local taxi to the airport. 48 PLN (£9.78/€11.12)

The total cost of a long weekend in Warsaw: £392 per person

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