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The total cost of a long weekend in Prague


As part of my spending money series, I’ve provided a breakdown of how much I spent during a three-day holiday in Prague in March 2017. I have detailed exactly what I did and bought in order to provide the total cost of a long weekend in Prague.

Flights to Prague: £93.58 per person

Outbound: £34.99 with Wizz Air, flying from London Luton

Return: £51.34 with EasyJet, flying into Gatwick

Luggage: One shared bag at £14.50. This was only needed for the outbound flight as Wizz Air have stricter rules than EasyJet.

 Accommodation in Prague: £310 for a double room at Hotel Julian for four nights

I highly recommend staying at Hotel Julian during a visit to Prague. Located near Kinskeho Zahrada park, it’s about a 15-minute walk from Old Town. This meant we could escape the crowds and it encouraged us to see other parts of Prague. It also boasted all the comforts of a hotel while still retaining charm and character, as well as friendly staff who were always on hand with helpful tips and information.

Spending money in Prague: £120 (including exchange rate and withdrawal fees)

I’ve detailed most of what we spent on each day, which should help you budget dependent on how much you plan on drinking, eating and seeing. Beers were 0.5 litres unless stated otherwise.

Day one:

Hotel transfer, booked with Hotel Julian: 670CZK

Entrance to Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul Church: 50CZK per person

Lunch at Restaurace U Bansethů: 328CZK for two beef goulash, two pilsners and one water

Two pilsners at Restaurace Kolkovna in Old Town: 128CZK

Two beers at Mlýnská kavárna: 78CZK

Dinner at Capua Italian (wouldn’t recommend): 500CZK for two pizzas, two Pepsi and two glasses of water

Four beers at Cobra bar: 152CZK

Taxi from Prague 7 to Hotel Julian: 480CZK. We made the mistake of not asking for the price upfront (we never learn) and the driver originally quoted 980CZK. We flat out refused and he reduced it to 480, which was still a complete rip-off. Be sure to always ask first!

Day two:

Entrance to Petrin Lookout Tower: 120CZK per person

Lunch at U Hrocha: 280CZK for four pilsners, one sausage and mustard, and one meatloaf

Entrance to St Nicholas Bell Tower: 90CZK per person

Two beers on the hotel’s terrace (one big and one small): 100CZK

Dinner at Restaurace Lokal: 488CZK for one big pilsner, one small pilsner and two beef goulash

Three cocktails at Zkusebni Provoz: 390CZK

One whisky at Zkusebni Provoz: Around 70CZK (from memory)

Day three:

Lunch at Long Street Food: 610CZK for one pad Thai, one Bangkok burrito and four 0.4 litre pilsners

Two coffees and a brownie: 138CZK

Two beers on the hotel’s terrace (one big and one small): 100CZK

One large beer and one small beer at Café Marnice: 145CZK

Dinner at Nicholas Bar and Restaurant: 430CZK for two pizzas, one red wine and one pilsner
Two big pilsners and two small pilsners at U Maleho Glena: 168CZK
Bus to the airport: 32CZK

Th total cost of a long weekend in Prague: £370 per person

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