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The total cost of a ten-day holiday in Montenegro

As part of my travel money series, in which I provide detailed travel costs in order to help holidaymakers budget accordingly, I have broken down how much money I spent during a ten-day holiday in Montenegro in September 2016. Covering food, drink, travel and spending money, I provide the total cost of a ten-day holiday in Montenegro.

Flights: £157 return
Travelling with Easyjet, flying from Gatwick to Tivat. This included the cost of one 20kg hold bag.

Accommodation: £484 (£242 per person)
Guest House 455, Kotor: £264 for six nights
Milara Apartments, Budva: £220 for five nights

Spending money: Around £500 each
Here with some guide prices for travel, food and drink:

Taxi from Tivat airport to Kotor: 15 Euro (around £12)
Bus from Kotor to Budva: 4 Euro (around £3) plus 1 Euro per bag
Taxi from Kotor to Perast: 11 Euro (around £9)
Blue Line bus from Kotor to Perast: 1 Euro
Beers: A 500ml beer in Kotor was around 2.8 Euro and in Budva around 3 Euro – dependent on how fancy the bar is. We did pay up to 5.5 Euro for a bottle in high-end places.
Large pizza slice: 2 Euro
Sunbeds at a nice beach club: 20 Euro (for two beds and an umbrella)
Sunbeds on a standard beach: 10-15 Euro (for two beds and an umbrella)
Tara River rafting excursion: 55 Euro per person

The total cost of a ten-day holiday in Montenegro: £900 per person

Always check the price of taxis before setting off as we found they always tried their chances with a high quote first, and if the taxi is on a meter be sure they have it on tariff one unless it genuinely should be on tariff two, for example late at night or on a Sunday. One driver tripled the cost of our fare with it on tariff two. If getting a taxi from the airport, check the printed list of prices on the board before hopping into one. We also found that the Red Taxis (it says ‘Red Taxi’ on the side) around Kotor were the cheapest.

The Blue Line bus apparently comes every hour (I believe at quarter past) but they are quite often late/early so get there a while before it’s due, and be prepared to get a taxi if you’re impatient/unlucky. The bus stops outside the old town, just beyond the market on the main road at the signpost with the picture of the bus. Sounds obvious but believe me it wasn’t!

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