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Best cafes in Krakow: Where to go for artisan coffee, secret gardens and remote working

The third wave coffee movement has officially arrived in Krakow, and there are now plenty of opportunities to get an artisan caffeine fix in the city. Some cafes are ideal for a coffee-fuelled pitstop while others boast secret gardens and designer spaces that lend themselves to relaxing or working. So, whether you’re a coffee enthusiast looking for a high-quality roast, a tourist in search of a picturesque backdrop, or a digital nomad in need of a laptop-friendly workspace, read on to discover the best cafes in Krakow.

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Nowa Prowincja cafe Krakow
Sunlight shining on tables and bar stools outside 2 Okna cafe Krakow


Having opened its doors back in 2010, Karma was the first of its kind in Krakow, pioneering a new wave of independent coffee shops in the city. Today, the cafe still serves some of the best coffee in town thanks to its in-house roasted beans and top-notch espresso machine. The silky flat whites, creamy lattes and frothy cappuccinos all find the perfect balance between strength and subtlety, and they’re all exceptionally priced at 8-9 PLN (around £1.60-£1.80). There are two Karma locations in Krakow with a large cafe on Ul. Krupnicza that also serves a menu of breakfast and lunch dishes along with cakes and sweet treats, and a smaller coffee shop on Ul. St. Wawrzyńca that’s home to a small seasonal garden.


Also located on Ul. Krupnicza, artisan coffee shop Tektura is giving Karma a run for its money and is undoubtedly one of the best cafes in Krakow. The venue takes its coffee extremely seriously with speciality offerings such as cold brew, espresso tonic and drip coffee sitting alongside flat whites, lattes and cappuccinos on the menu. The cafe also hosts a programme of coffee workshops with the chance to learn everything from latte art to coffee cupping. 

Nowa Prowincja

Split across two levels and several rooms within a historic old town building, Nowa Prowincja is one of Krakow’s best-loved cafes. The lively spot welcomes a blend of both locals and tourists who while away the hours by sipping on strong coffee and thick hot chocolate against a bohemian backdrop of graffiti-covered walls and mismatched artworks and antiquities. The venue serves a menu of homemade cakes, sandwiches and salads, and come evening it morphs into a candlelit cafe-cum-bar with local beer and wine also available. 

2 Okna Cafe

The street-side seats at 2 Okna are perhaps one of the most photographed spots in Krakow’s Kazimierz district, but the cafe is also home to an airy indoor space and a charming secret garden. Midcentury modern furnishings, low-hanging lightbulbs and chevron wood flooring decorate the beautiful indoor rooms while rustic chairs and tables are placed among perfectly-manicured trees and ferns in the garden. The cafe serves breakfast, lunch and tapas as well as a menu of homemade cakes, strudels and tarts. 

MAK Bread and Coffee

Attached to the trendy PURO Hotel in Kazimierz, MAK Bread and Coffee is one of the most stylish cafes in Krakow. The image-conscious spot brings together designer furnishings, contemporary artworks and artsy books in a bright and airy room. The vast space features a long communal table, bar seating, and numerous comfy chairs and sofas as well as good WiFi and strong coffee, making it ideal for any digital nomads, students or business travellers looking for a laptop-friendly workspace. Homemade bread, pastries and sweet rolls are used to create an enticing all-day menu with everything from smoked salmon and shakshuka to avocado toast and veggie burgers among the options. 

Bunkier Cafe

Adjoining a contemporary art gallery on the delightful Planty – a charming public garden that runs the circumference of Krakow’s old town – Bunkier Cafe is an inviting, all-day venue that acts as everything from a morning coffee and brunch spot to an early evening date and late-night drinking destination. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows create a unique greenhouse vibe and allow for lovely views over the neighbouring gardens while traditional bistro furnishings and wood-panelled walls and floors form the stripped-back interiors. 

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