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Krakow Pinball Museum: An underground arcade with unlimited play and cheap beer

While it may have ‘museum’ in its name, the Krakow Pinball Museum is much more than that. Hidden underground in an atmospheric, low-ceilinged cellar, the museum has an interactive exhibit that invites visitors to enjoy unlimited play on its impressive line-up of retro pinball machines and video games. Plus, with an on-site bar selling cheap draught beer, it’s an enticing attraction for adults and children alike. The reasonable entry fee, unlimited play and relaxed rules on drinking while playing all add up to making the Krakow Pinball Museum one of the most enjoyable attractions in the city. 

Krakow Pinball Museum
Krakow Pinball Museum

The games:

The pinball machines at the museum range from the 1950s to the present day, enabling visitors to take a journey through the history of the game and play on everything from a vintage wooden machine with a classic stripped-back concept to a glitzy Guardians of the Galaxy machine that incorporates several intricate elements and a colourful video display. Each of the games has its date of creation printed on the front, providing a fun opportunity to see the changes in styles and development of technology throughout the decades. Additionally, the different movie, television and comic book themes along with their accompanying soundtracks add a touch of nostalgia. In addition to the pinball machines, the museum is also home to a collection of retro video games with everything from Asteroids and Pac-Man to Out Run and Mortal Kombat. 

The bar:

The ticket office at the museum doubles as a bar and visitors are free to roam the entire site with their drinks, allowing you to enjoy a beer while honing your pinball skills – just be sure to keep to the rules of not placing your drink on the pinball machine itself. There is also a small seating area next to the bar for those who prefer to take a relaxing moment away from the gaming. A large draught beer costs just 10PLN (around £2) and the bar has the same opening hours as the museum itself. 

Things to know when visiting:

The museum is spread across several different rooms placed either side of the ticket office, so be sure to explore fully to ensure you don’t miss anything. The vast number of space and machines also mean that there are always plenty of free machines to play on even during peak hours. 

You can book in advance on websites such as Get Your Guide but this involves printing a ticket, so it is easier to simply show up and pay on arrival. Once you’ve paid you’ll be issued with a wristband that allows you to leave the museum and re-enter as many times as you wish on that day. 

The entry fee includes unlimited play on all of the pinball machines and video games. 

Admission price:

Adult: 40zł | Students: 30zł | Kids: 20zł

Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday: 12pm-10pm | Friday and Saturday: 12pm-11pm

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