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The best restaurants in Krakow: Everything from Polish pierogi to Neapolitan pizza

Krakow is currently enjoying a culinary renaissance with a plethora of trendy international eats and cheap and cheerful fast food joints popping up alongside the traditional Polish establishments. It’s a satiating change that hasn’t gone unnoticed with the city being crowned the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019. But, while an increase in culinary offerings is never unwelcome, it does create a dilemma when it comes to choosing where to dine – which restaurants are worthy of booking when all you have is two or three nights in the city? Luckily, the hard work has been done for you and this curation of the best restaurants in Krakow covers everything from traditional Polish cuisine to contemporary international offerings, meaning you can cover all culinary bases on your Krakow city break.

Best restaurants in Krakow contents:

Pod Aniołami Restaurant Krakow
Pod Aniołami
Pierogi at Kuchnia Polska Gaska Restaurant Krakow
Goose pierogi at Kuchnia Polska Gaska
Potato pancakes at Kuchnia u Doroty restaurant in Krkaow
Potato pancakes at Kuchnia u Doroty

Kuchnia Polska Gaska

Exposed brick walls, polished white furnishings, and floral curtains and tablecloths create a warm, homely feel at Kuchnia Polska Gaska, a traditional Polish restaurant located next to the charming Podgorski Market Square. With a name that translates into ‘goose’ in English, the restaurant specialises in traditional Polish dishes made with goose, and the goose-stuffed pierogi topped with parsley garlic butter and sour cream are some of the best pierogi in Krakow. The goose leg served with roast potatoes and caramelised beetroot is also exceptional while further traditional dishes include beer-marinated pork knuckle, hearty beef goulash and crispy potato pancakes. With such high-quality food, exceptional service and a welcoming atmosphere, the price is a pleasant surprise with the meat specialities costing between 29 and 59 PLN and the potato pancakes with beef goulash as little as 26 PLN. Kuchnia Polska Gaska is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Krakow.

Kuchnia u Doroty

Another restaurant serving traditional and affordable Polish cuisine is Kuchnia u Doroty, which can be found in the heart of Krakow’s Jewish quarter, Kazimierz. The casual restaurant has a relaxed, friendly atmosphere with dark wood furniture and exposed brickwork creating an aesthetically-pleasing, rustic backdrop. The real draw, however, is the delicious line-up of classic Polish dishes. Favourites such as pierogi, potato pancakes and roast pork are all on the menu as well as beef stroganoff, zurek soup and beef roll ups. The reasonable prices mean you can enjoy a meal for two at Kuchnia U Doroty for around 100 PLN. 

Pod Aniołami

Offering a more upmarket dining experience, Pod Aniołami is a beautiful restaurant set across several atmospheric dining rooms. Sandwiched between two shops on the busy Royal Route, Pod Aniołami could initially be mistaken for a tourist trap, but it is, in fact, one of the best restaurants in Krakow. Once inside, diners are greeted by marvellous 13th-century interiors across three distinct spaces. The first-floor Bourgrave’s Room is decorated with opulent chandeliers and colourful frescoes while the subterranean cellars place historic stonework and rustic furnishings under low arched ceilings. There’s also a pretty year-round garden featuring a mosaic fountain and dramatic stone columns. Thankfully, the food is equally impressive with a flavoursome menu of beechwood-fired meat dishes such as pork loin with baked apple and horseradish and grilled duck with red cabbage and cranberries. 


Diners in search of something other than Polish cuisine should book a table at Nolio, a hip pizza restaurant that’s extremely popular among the locals. Specialising in modern Italian cuisine, Nolio serves proper Neapolitan pizza that’s perfectly crisp while also remaining light and fluffy. Choose from an extensive array of both classic and contemporary toppings and tuck into a delicious selection of fresh antipasti and salad on the side. There’s also a generous selection of pasta dishes made with everything from pork tenderloin to romanesco cauliflower while indulgent desserts include chocolate and hazelnut cheesecake and butter brioche with ice cream. Jet black walls juxtaposed against light wood furnishings give the restaurant an eye-catching, gallery-style aesthetic. 

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