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Cost of living in Girona, Spain

Located in the heart of Catalonia – one of Spain’s wealthiest regions – Girona is a relatively affluent city, and as a result, the cost of living isn’t as low as some parts of the country. Eating out and grocery shopping are two of the highest costs while the likes of alcohol and sightseeing are more affordable. Whether you’re visiting on holiday or staying for an extended period, this guide to the cost of living in Girona will help you budget your spending money accordingly. 

Colourful houses Girona


When staying on the outskirts of the old town, within a 15-minute walk from the centre, you can expect to pay around €1300 per month when booking via Airbnb. This should get you a modern two-bedroom apartment with a large living room and two bathrooms. See here for a recommended apartment.

Eating out

Catalonia is one of the wealthiest regions in Spain, and the city of Girona is a particularly affluent destination. As a result, eating out isn’t as cheap as some parts of the country and you can expect to pay around €50-€80 for an evening meal for two people. More affordable options can be found at local hotspots such as La Terra and El Cafe while the likes of Placa Del Vi 7 and Artusi are perfect for a high end alternative. For a truly special treat, book in at three-Michelin-starred El Celler de Can Roca, which has claimed the title of World’s Best Restaurant on two occasions.

Exact costs:

Dinner for two at Brots de Vi: €50. Included one starter, two mains, one dessert and alcohol

Dinner for two at Artusi: €49. Included two mains, two desserts and alcohol

Dinner for two at Placa Del Vi 7: €82. Included two starters, two mains and alcohol

Lunch for two at Unicorner: €14. Included one pizza and two beers

Lunch for two at Buttercup: €19. Included two brunch dishes and two coffees

Lunch for two at Om: €25. Included two mains and one large water

Drinking out

In contrast to eating out, drinking in Girona is pleasingly affordable and certainly helps to bring the cost of living down. The average price of a beer sits around the €2 mark while a glass of wine will set you back around €2-€3. Coffee is slightly more expensive in the trendy cafes with a flat white and cappuccino costing around €2.50.

Exact costs:

Draught beer in El Cafe: €1.90

Draught beer in Artusi: €1.90

Glass of wine in Artusi: €2-€3

Draught beer in Context: €2.30

Coffee in La Fabrica: €2.50


From the historic city walls to the enchanting Jardins dels Alemanys, some of the best attractions in Girona are actually free to visit while others such as the Arab Baths and Sant Pere de Galligants sit below the €5 mark. The likes of Girona Cathedral and Basilica of Sant Feliu fall under one umbrella fee, meaning that if you visit both in one day you will only have to pay once. 

Exact costs:

Girona Cathedral and Basilica of Sant Feliu: €7. This covers both sights when visiting them on the same day.

Sant Pere de Galligants: €4.50

Arab Baths: €2

The City Walls: Free

Museum of Jewish History: €4


Girona has a number of supermarkets to choose from, including budget options such as Lidl as well as the slightly more expensive Mercadona. When doing the majority of your shop in Lidl with the occasional purchase in Mercadona, you can expect to pay between €50-€70 per week for two people. This includes enough evening meals for five to six nights a week with the other one or two left free for eating out. 

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