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Cost of living in Lisbon: A breakdown of prices

After living in Lisbon for six weeks this summer, I have put together a detailed overview of how much money I spent in order to give an insight into the cost of living in Lisbon. Covering food, drink and accommodation prices as well as travel and sightseeing, this guide will help you budget for your trip to Lisbon whether you plan on staying for days, weeks, months or even years.

Cost of living in Lisbon
Cost of living in Lisbon
Cost of living in Lisbon

The cost of living in Lisbon:

Accommodation: €2,100 for six weeks in an Airbnb

This was for a large apartment in Graca within the months of May and June. The apartment wasn’t particularly high-end but it boasted spectacular views across the city, which obviously increased the price somewhat. For a good-sized modern apartment, you can expect to pay around €800 to €1500 per month when booking through Airbnb.

If you’re planning on moving to Lisbon permanently or for at least six months, there will, of course, be the opportunity to find cheaper accommodation than the apartments listed on Airbnb, which come with service and cleaning fees attached.


The cost of eating out in Lisbon isn’t as cheap as you might expect, with items such as pizza – an affordable luxury in cities like London – costing around €13. However, as with all cities, cheaper restaurants can be scouted out and there are a number of budget supermarkets like Lidl dotted around the city, making grocery shopping much cheaper.

Eating out in Lisbon: Example prices of meals out

The meals for two listed below cover either just mains or a selection of sharing dishes with any extras such as alcoholic drinks, dessert or coffee mentioned where relevant.

  • Pasteis de nata: Around €1 each
  • Princesa do Castelo: €20 for lunch for two with orange juice and water
  • Time Out Market: €13-€19.50 for one pizza
  • The Food Temple: €27 for dinner for two with one beer each
  • Afuri Sushi: €57 for dinner for two with one beer each and one water
  • Sushi Giro: €43 for dinner for two with two beers each
  • Chutnify: €50 for dinner for two including two beers each, dessert and coffee
  • Cozinha Urbana: €30 for dinner for two with two beers each
  • Boa Bao: €40 for lunch for two with one beer each and one large water
  • Hotel 1908: €55 for dinner for two with one beer each and one glass of wine each
  • Basilio Café: €19 for brunch for two with coffee
Groceries: The average cost of groceries in Lisbon

A five-day food shop for two people when shopping at Lidl: Between €30 and €45


As with all cities, drink prices in Lisbon depend on the venue and area – you can expect to pay more in neighbourhoods such as Alfama and Bairro Alto than in Graca or Independente. However, the difference isn’t that vast and venues such as Park Rooftop and Le Consulat Hotel are surprisingly inexpensive, so be sure to consider venues that you might have otherwise deemed too costly.

Average prices when drinking out in Lisbon:

Beer: Around €2 for a 33cl bottle

Wine: Around €5 for a glass and €20 for a bottle

Coffee: Around €1-€1.50 for an espresso and €3 for a flat white

Specific venue drink prices:
  • Beer at Le Consulat Hotel Bar: €2.50 for 33cl
  • Beer at The Coffee of Joanas: €1.40 for 33cl
  • Beer at Quinta da Regaleira café: €3 for 33cl
  • Beer at Café Calçada Bistro: €2 for 33cl
  • Beer at Pub Portugal: €2 for 33cl
  • Espresso at Marcelino Pão & Vinho: €1.20
  • Flat white at Fabrica: €3.30
  • Flat white at Copenhagen Coffee Lab: €3.20
  • Cappuccino at Wish Slow Coffee House: €2.80
  • Bottle of wine at Corkscrew wine bar: €20
  • Two glasses of wine and two beers at Marcelino Pão & Vinho: €13


With a number of reliable and affordable services to choose from, travelling around Lisbon is very easy and cheap. Uber is incredibly good value for money, and you can easily travel from one side of the city to another for around €5. What’s more, they quote you one price upfront as opposed to a range, so you know exactly what you will have to pay. If you plan on using public transport, be sure to purchase a Viva Viagem card (similar to an Oyster card in London) for €0.50, which can be used on the local trains, metro, tram and ferries.

Example travel costs:
  • Bus to Costa da Caparica: €4.50 return
  • Train to Sintra: €4.50 return
  • Uber from Sintra train station to Pena Palace: €7
  • Uber from The Castle of the Moors to Sintra train station: €4
  • Metro single journey with Viva Viagem card: €1.50
  • Tram 28: €3 single
  • Uber from Graca to Costa da Caparica: €19-€25
  • Uber from Bairro Alto to Graca: €5
  • Uber from Lisbon Airport to Graca: €8
  • Uber from Graca to LX Factory: €9


A number of major attractions in the city centre can be visited for free – Lisbon Cathedral, for example – while many others can be enjoyed for less than €10, making sightseeing in the city very affordable.

Example sightseeing prices:
  • Quinta da Regaleira: €8
  • Pena Palace: €14 for the Palace and Park, €7.50 for just the Park
  • The Castle of The Moors: €8
  • Castelo Sao Jorge: €10
  • Lisbon Cathedral: Free. Cloisters: €2.50
  • Carmo Convent: €4
  • National Pantheon: €4
  • Basílica da Estrela: Free. Terrace: €4
  • Church of São Vicente of Fora: €5

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