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Fervenza De Vieiros, Galicia, Spain

Hidden right in the heart of the Galician forest, Fervenza de Vieiros is a striking waterfall that rivals those found in the jungles of Bali or Costa Rica. But unlike the waterfalls in Indonesia and Central America, this one remains relatively unknown and provides the unique opportunity to see a world-class waterfall without leaving Europe. And best of all, you’ll most likely have it all to yourself.

Fervenza De Vieiros Galicia
Fervenza De Vieiros Galicia
Fervenza De Vieiros Galicia

Surrounded by a large mass of dense forest, Fervenza de Vieiros is an impressive setting with a powerful stream of glistening water cascading down a towering rock face that’s surrounded by lush green foliage. A large pool of shimmering blue water sits at its base so there’s the opportunity to take a refreshing dip if you can brave the cold ­– this is northern Spain, after all! There’s also a clearing in the forest with large boulders, making it a good lunch spot, while a picturesque wooden bridge provides the chance to take in the waterfall from a different perspective. The waterfall is accessed from above ­– making for a dizzying first impression – and the path envelopes the waterfall on both sides, offering the chance to see it at all angles.

Unlike many waterfalls around the world, Fervenza de Vieiros has no entrance fee, no ticket booth and no fence or gate blocking it off, making it an incredible back-to-nature experience that gives the sense of discovering your very own piece of paradise in the middle of the forest – just how visiting a waterfall should be.

How to get to Fervenza de Vieiros

Located right in the middle of Galicia, you will no doubt need a car to visit Fervenza de Vieiros. If you aim for the village of Vieiros there is a bus stop on the side of the road (as marked on the map below) that makes for a good parking spot.

From here, take the path down into the village and follow the signs to the waterfall. Walk along the stream and when you reach the point where the stream splits in two directions, follow the sign to the left and you will eventually reach the top of the waterfall. Take a left turn at the top of the waterfall and the path winds down to the base of it.

Fervenza De Vieiros Galicia
The path from the road to the waterfall
Fervenza De Vieiros Galicia
Reach the waterfall through the village
Fervenza De Vieiros Galicia
Take a left turn here
Fervenza De Vieiros Galicia
Cross the river
Spain's undiscovered region
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