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The Tite Inn, Cotswolds

Having received a glowing review from my mum and dad, I was keen to try out The Tite Inn in Chadlington during mine and Ciaran’s stay in the Cotswolds. So, we set upon finding a walking route based around the pub and managed to find one that passed it at the halfway point – perfect! Well, it would have been perfect if we hadn’t picked a day when it rained incessantly from morning through to night. Despite this, we pulled on our walking boots, which we soon discovered were riddled with holes, and trudged through the beautiful countryside for seven wet miles – it was quite the adventure!

If anything, this made our arrival at The Tite even more enjoyable. The cute little sandstone pub was incredibly welcoming, with locals propping up the bar, festive decorations and a roaring fire, which we were lucky enough to grab a seat by.  The staff were the friendliest we came across during our four days in the Cotswolds, consistently ensuring we were okay and even inviting us to take off our wet boots and dry them in front of the fire. We didn’t take them up on that one though – I think the stench would have been enough to push punters out into the rain.

We tucked into delicious local ales and warm sausage baguettes with crisps – the ultimate pub comfort food. I don’t know if was down to the setting and our gratefulness to be out of the rain, feeding our growling stomachs, but that sausage baguette was divine – I think it was Ciaran’s favourite meal of the trip! For two sausage baguettes, two pints and two halfs of ale, we paid £24.

If you’re in the area, I would definitely recommend stopping by for a cosy lunch and would also suggest the walk that we did – just try to find a slightly drier day! Details of the walk can be found here.

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