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Walking the Girona city walls: One of the best things to do in the city

One of the most unique aspects of Girona is its ancient city walls, which thanks to a subtle recent renovation, remain marvellously intact. Also known as Passeig de la Muralla, the walls were originally built by the Romans before being rebuilt and extended in the Middle Ages. Today, they run for around three kilometres on the edge of the old town with several watchtowers, viewpoints and gardens located along the way. Visitors can walk the full length of the walls taking in spectacular views of Girona’s cathedral and medieval landscape along the way. 

Sunset at Girona city walls
View from Mirador de Santa Llúcia
Sunset over Girona old town
View from Mirador de Santa Llúcia
Girona city walls in golden hour
View from a watchtower on the Girona city walls

Tips on walking the Girona city walls:

The Girona city walls can be accessed at a couple of points in the old town, but if you plan on walking the entirety of the route, the best place to start is by the Spanish Civil War memorial located in Jardin de la Infancia in the south of the city. By doing it this way, the old town will be in front of you rather than behind you as you make your way along the walls, and you’ll be able to conclude the walk on a secret section that not too many visitors know about. Be sure to climb the second watchtower that you come to for one of the best views across the old town and venture up the spiral staircase at Tower of Sant Domènec for a closer view of Girona Cathedral. Once you reach the end of the walls, descend into the beautiful Jardins dels Alemanys where you’ll find hidden courtyards, grand stone arches and unruly foliage – all adding up to a romantic fairy tale aesthetic. 

From here, make your way to Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants and venture up the stairs on the other side of Carrer de Santa Llúcia to walk the final section of the wall. Lesser-known than the main part of the walls, this section provides a more peaceful experience as well as some of the best views of the city including Girona Cathedral and two picturesque neighbouring towers. This section is much shorter than the other one and you will exit just a short walk away from the old town on Carrer de Pedret. 

You should allow a couple of hours to complete the entire route of the Girona city walls, starting in the early evening to see the majority of it beautifully lit by golden hour before arriving at Mirador de Santa Llúcia on the final section to see the sun setting in the distance.

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